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Ergonomically designed for comfort
Superior Contact technology

High-performance charging connector systems for e-mobility


To meet the ever-increasing global opportunities within the e-mobility market, REMA has founded REMA EV Connections to develop and manufacture industry leading charging connector systems for automobile manufacturers and infrastructure operators.

Drawing upon the knowledge and expertise from over 100 years in in conductive power connectivity means we can react quickly to unique customer needs and local market developments through our offices in Germany, US and China.

REMA EV Connections – always a good connection


REMA EV Connections offers a broad product portfolio for the worldwide market. In addition to products that meet the requirements of the  standards IEC62196, UL2251 and SAE J1772TM, we develop and manufacture individual solutions that meet customer-specific requirements. Leveraging REMA EV Connection’s long standing contact technology competence our charging connector systems are engineered for ease of use and to deliver superior energy transmission.

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